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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  February 13, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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john and robin helping to start off the 06:00am hour on e right foot and hopefully that foot on the gas pedal and >>issues right now, but you t know the bay bridge toll plaza that act it's backed up through the maze so the pay cuts but get on the upper decks only on ople put it on and let it up and put it on to you know people drive lik that you if you're a passenger fee. i don't like to always on a you know they drive a 2 for on the break and you're supposed to tell office beuse the brake lights or in front down or because things driving straight. >>botheet on the fog machine, this morning. so yeah we're looking fog back in play this morning after seeing some pretty fog free conditions up to that point thisweek you can at least still see the bay below from
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berkeley visibility is holding strong out of the east bay but for san francisco and half moon bay, a few spots looking at his ability falling below a mile now as it will later this morning in parts of the north times and if you look at your clock right here of thatfog is not going anywhere anytime soon. >>a low cloud cover staying with us well into the late morning likely wards around noon. after ich point you get your dose of sunshine, 30's, 40's and 50's for your current mperatures dublin in vermore each of 42 degrees oakland and alameda in the low 50's well petaluma ca holiness and in sell mode nevadin the 30's this morning lat today, some of our cooler temperatures of the week so far we stay calm, but a little cooler with highs only in the low to mid 60's still comfortable still ni robin back to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic pretty slow into san francisco right now no crashes no stalls just a very long line. >>but already spills back through the bottom of the maze. so it has reached that
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point and it's going to stay like this for several more hours, you're looking at 11 minutes and growing off to fremont reet once agn the hot spots, no alerts. no major crashes working just some increasing drive times 21 minutes for highway 4. antioch to concord smooth sailing on south 6.81 on one, but you're loong at a26 minute trip some moderate crowding on the nimitz rom to 8 to 2.37 mes darya. >>all right, thank you very mu robin 6 o 2 is e time one of the big stories. we're following this morning is that coronir has can been cfirmed here in california. so now there are 8 people infected statewide with a total of 14 cases across the coy. the latest patient was amongthose acuees who was being quarantined at the marine air corps of the marine corps air statioin miramar in san diego. to read there was dramatic es spike in the reported cases in china overnight suddenly 14,00 new cases and that's because one particular city in china reclsifi the way
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they are counting these cases in just gong by if exhibit does system says that they're categorize because some the equipment that they were using to test was working or ey couldn't get ahold of it n total mo than 1300 people around e world have died most of the victims in china. >>and herin the bay area sfo is getting ready to ban more flights headg to china. kron 4 sarah stinson at the airport now with the latest ripple effect of all of thisera. >>i'm live here that are people are flying out to mainland china before it's too late to starting tomorrow, we'll all ose flights to mainland china will be suended for 6 weeks. i mean airlines have already been dog this since sunday, but this will be eend all be all to mainland china for 6 weeks in this comes just as authorities in china reported nearly 15,000 re coronavirus cases as you sa that spike and those thlargest single-day rise since the the
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epidemic began as a foe usually has most departures in china than any other airport in the country and now even the flights to hong kong have been canceled, t they're still about 21 und-tp flightsthere per week unti the end of march a lot of the area companies that frequent asia for business have stopped emoyee travel there altogetr. >>this out of precautn, the coronavirus has killed more than 10 people in globally the virus s infected ,000 eople most of those patients as said are coming from mainland china so flights ll not resume thr out of us the foe as i said until the end of march if people do want to get ere somehow if there's a will there's a way peoplcan get a connecting flight from sfo to l a or jfk and which case they canthen a plane to mainland china. >>but i'll be talking to us and people flying out internationally today see how they're feeling any ecautions are taking as they tral acro the country so
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tay tuned for that. >>a report abouan hour from w on live at sarah stinson kron 4 ws sarah. >>an update now on some breaking news, we first told you about earlier this morning a fugitive has now been taken into custody was a shorttime ago in santa san jose neighborhood, dons of police spent several hours overnight the area of talley road and vista very day. the fugitive now being treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries from a dog bite from one of the canine units. >>an elementary school enichment is going to be called michelle oba elementary. the board just voted to rename woodrow lson elementary in michelle obama's honor and it was unanimou decision. e school's operating right now out of temporary zinn el serino the main campus is being built enrichment and when kidsgo back to school inthe fall. that'swhen they will see the new name and this is the second elementary schl in california to be named after michelle obama there's an elementa school in panorama
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city named after her. >>we happening now 2 men are thhospital with life thatening injuries after ancisco. there is a 3rdisan victim that was treated by paramedics but this crash ppened at the corn of 23th and mission street is is obviously video from the scene the driver behind the wheel the black pre us that caused actually hit a mini bus and then crash nto those pedestrians on the sidewalk. the driver actualllefthe scene initially but then came back and has since been detaed police say the driver may have been impaired. one witness that we met on the sidelk describes what he saw. >>i see one when that happened and they put i'm really really feel really bad because i don't know if you th that that guy's diet on all. >>police are now looking through surillance video from nearby businesses and the muni bus itself to piec together exactly what happenedin the wake of pedestrian crashes in san francisco city leaders are now working harder than ver to improve safety. one of th most dangerous intersections in city got to make over
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rently this is the section of a sonic avenue that osses over oak street therin the panhanle of golden gate park. crews put in some new street lighting soe new high visibility traic signals. that cross wa also gives pele and bicyclists more time now to cross a 54 year-old woman whowas actually injured at that very intersection last month talked about the need for safer streets >>ani showed up here in my running clothes because i want to run again. i wa to heal i want this to be safe and i want to run through streets of parents is going to thank all of you. >>san francisco is working aims to eliminate all ow that pedestrian deaths in the city within the next 4 years 6 oh 7 in the ea bay, a woman died in the hospital after being hit by a car while she wa using a crosswalk in alameda and this is the city is working to impro pedestrian safety crime forcefullyjuggle has mo. >>hours after a woman was hit by a car in alameda while ing tcrosswalk tuesday afternoon on walnut streetat and seville avenue. she took helast breaths as of last
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night she succumbed are this marksthe second pedestrian to be killed on city streets in the past 2 wes in the previous incident, the driver was found to be unr the influence of drugs. lieutent matthemcmillan says that doesn't appear to be the case in tuesday's accident. the drivestayed on scene and is cooperating with the investigation. e driver will most likely be a fa we're in the infancy stages of the investigation but preliminarily it appears that way that'sbecause speed may have played arole a problem, some neighbors have noticed in the people in its specially turning. >>they will just igore the lights and just keep going and i almost got a couple weeks ago a nior transportation for nader for the city of alameda rochelle wheeler says the team will study accident in the next fe eks and determine if the intersection requires saty mprovements buadds it was ot identified by the puic has a problem or dangerous intersecon in a 2
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month online survey that wrapped up at the end of january. >>2100 comments were collected this location is not igh injury location. >>we know that there was in that 10 years one non-injury pedestrian collision that intersect. >ublic works director liam garland says the ci has been roadways for a few years now and that more big changes are tocome we've done a big push. >>with installing more than 15 flashing beacons those of those flashing yellow lights that are been proven increas the yielding of drers to pedestrians in crosalks by plans onpresenting to the communities, some of the ideas offered by the public through the survey. >>in alameda felipe should all kron 4 news. >>safrancisco's district attorney wants help you if you get ur car smashed in san francisco by replacing the car windows for ee. in anew
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budget plan. thsfpd chase include and they're coming up with this idea where they set aside one and a half million dollars to pay for windows that are busted when these y know grab stuff from your car. th're still tryin to work out the details of how this would rk and how the funds would be allocated. >>and we pay for folks whose insurance does not cover it and we wou contract with locally owned last pair usinesses so that the money being spent by the city is going back into jobs right here san francisco, but unfortunately we're not able person that commission ought to burglars in san francisco, at we can do we're asking the city to helpus do the to put victims first and to support fixing brokecar windows. >>district attorney says that the cost lock up. a suspect for one day is about the same amount that's needeto fixa car window. and he says that that's money better spen
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>>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news contaminated water in one soh bay neighborhood will tell you how peope are well a pretty upset about the water provider there. plus possible reli for commuters in the bay area's plans are inthe works for a bus lane on the bridge t as that really the best approach 're going to hear some counter views also a closer look at the effects of vapinas california doctors warn that more young kidare and you look outside this ine. morning shows tempatures in the 40's and 50's for most of us a pretty mild morning, but alsa foggy morning. >>your forecast is ahea i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this rning pretty packed at the bay bridge toll plazaso t as soon as i srted talking about
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>>welcome back it 6.13 right now and we're checking out the weather on thursday morning inching closer to the and percentof the fog th morning. whatever your little bit. yeah, it's little bit of it. it hasn't been too terribly bad but enough of it to be a resulting in some visibility issues in the north bay as well as a few spots right along the coastline in san francisco where visibility has fallen below a mile as well now looking out from berkeley, it's sitting right above the east bayso you're bridges are actually pretty fine right now berkeley doesn't look too bad eithe but the evidence that fog pretty clear to see as we make our way through the rest of the morning, it's going to be
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a pretty grac our sunshine does return around noontime in the afternoon looks great high pressure is moving to our east and it has allowed this cool ocean air to drift are right back in across the day we had been seeing strong winds from the northeast was pushing a sort of marine inuence well off shore. >>one of the reasons we were so warm and so crystal clear that is obviously change owly over the pasfew days far as winds go this morning you do see most of those winds pushing in from the coast. that's why wedo see fog and cloud cover and we are goin tosee a continuous wind from the west throu much of the morning and that will continue to bring some of thatfog in towards the latter part of your morning even temperatures later on today, some of our coolest of the week, but still sitting above average for a lot of areas concord and livermore 65 degrees eachfor daytime highs, san jose not bad at 66. well a little cooler right ong the coastline with highs barely inching into the low 60's tomorrow similar as to today
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do expect another foggy start for your valeine's y, but also some clear skies towards the afternoon day time highs mostly in the mid 60's saturdayour warmest day of the forecasts of mostly sunny and dry conditions and sunday are only chance of even the slightest chance of rainfall and that will just be for the north bay sunday mornin aside from that next week looks to continue our dry treak of weather. >>all right off to 92 no chance of traffic improving any ti soon in fact it's only going to get heavier from commutes overwhich is probably well after 10 or11 your drive here too. th peninsula is packed where a 20 minutes and growing off to one on one thbay bridge traffic pretty congested to it's going to be trouble free commute into san ancisco for now, but there is a backup and it does spill through the maze. so yo averaging 14 minutes, it's oing to continue to increase will definitely ve time if you're a r pooler we're checking in on some more freeways d some of them are wide opein summer little crowded likely on the
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dumbarton bridge whichis 84 west that trip to the peninsula. getting a little sluggish a 12 minutes and growing to make it over to bayfront expressway, which is not bad 6.80 south wide open livermore to dublin, no problems on 5 of us and you're looking good on one oh one heading north san francisco area. thanks a lot robin 6.1 and neighbors worst nightmare as cleaning crews carrd out 8,000 pounds of trash. >>from one home in fafield it was a hording case that went on for months before anything wadone about it and les has the stor >>there was always kind of sketchy to me just the vibe i got from . the complaints started back in juntrash criminal activity berman when police came in by force. >>they discered people had been going to e bathroom outside our neighbor was not that way. >>this is a very erage neighborhood you know we've seen people change this house atlantic avenue has been a chalnge for police to say
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thleast painful for us is painful for the people to have to deal that's we do. >>appreciate respect that. >>the problem is thesethings take time officer josiah jacobson says his departmen is stuck with the bill for cleanup whh could be 10's of thousands of taxpayer dollars. all beause the homeowner refused to comply with multiple reests to follow city rules and clean up. those requests eventually became citationsand when those were ignored then came the court order from the judge were on the proper taking things >>that's something not something we do lightly it's a big strain fairfield's team of 5 code enforcers and from here not much can be done although sir ages poibly used for drugs were found on the property. that's not a slam dunk arrt just because we do findin and may be connected to criminal specifically. >>this ocean of us it's a case where you feel really bafor the neighbors, especially
6:19 am
jacob free la today was the first dahere i learned just pulled up moving into a starter home nearby with his wife anbaby all police can do is step up patrols. >>and askethe neighbors to keep an eye out. >>6 18 is the time a bus only lanes may be coming tthe bay bridge to help reduce congestion but the bay area toll authority says that congestion on the approaches to the bridges actually causing the bigger problems and delays for buses. during the morning commute traffic is heaviest not on the span itself, but in the lead-up to this spanned the ructures east entrce improving nditions there. they say is start. his plan needs to >>while there may be it may be appropriate at some point and to establish a bus nly la on the bay bridge. that lane want really. meet the performance targets it would needunless we address the problems on approaches to the bay bridge that on interstate 80. that's on
6:20 am
grant. ate 5 88 and on west >>we'll work on these project could get under way beforthe end of the year. california lawmakersare keeping an eye on how new federal and local rateacross the state capitol bureau report ashley zavala has a closer ok. >>and what we need to do iswe need to stop the bleing now state and local health officials wednesy weighed in on the latest numbs vaping a nicotine use in california with the rising populari oe-cigarettes health officials told lawmakers nicotine use in the rise since 2017 officials say a quarter of america's youth now hooked unfortunately it is true that these individuals probably will be seeking other products in the interim i think that it ll be really critical for us to come up th ways to help these wean themselves off of this addiction and again part of it is a recognition that they are addicted to much higher lels than we traditionally have
6:21 am
ever seen the statedertment of health says as of this wk there have been 208 cases of a volleyof vape related lung injury with 4 deaths across 31 cnties in califnia since august of last year patients range in age om 14 to 71 years old but health ficials say lately cases of the volley are on a downward trend, but uldn't say exactly why it's not clear. >>that this gone forever and therefore are continuing surveillance and investment in surveillance of these products is goin to be is going to be key going forward several locagovernments across the state and the trump administration recently ramped up restrictions on the cigarette and flavored tobacco product sales california lawmakers this year will consider an all-out ban of all flavored tobao products health officials say it could be a long time before we see the most significant impacts of the cigarets in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>21 that i'm coming up on the kron 4 morning news a public corruption scandal in
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at concord police are looking for a man and a woman who got awy with 33 bottles of perfume this happened back on january 23th at a local beauty story scene there t the bottom of the screen. they got away with almost $3500 worth of products if you recognize them call police. >>harrison observation de. these open at sfo fantastic so it's before security internal too exllent national turtle that means you don't have to clear serity and you could just go there. now you would have to pay to park is so there's acts office ok am i think so because people liked what member george, no traffic i was trains planes and automobiles,is love watching planes just roll and yoget a 180 degree here. they're feeling it is watching at me you take away the airport i want too somewhere and i
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alys there even longer than ii missed my ight like all way just wait, good news is open every day from 7 to 10 and we were taing earlier about how thinking of taking my wife valentine's day can get her all excited as we closer closer to the airport and then surprise are we really going on a picnic on the ro of the airport >>want that isn that great i'm going to save you right worst idea about that date on some of the time of whatever right. let that i thk it's fantastic. i can't it to go see it myself part of multibillion dollar project to build a bullet train between la and san francisco just got a lile more expensive officials added another billion dollars to the budget. >>this brings the estimated total for this high speed rail to over $80 billion and they still haven't cpleted country well construction on just a small section of it about 20% of the track they hope will be laid by the year 2022 we did planes trins and
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automobiles take a live look absolutely love this could apy to traffic arod us a foundation for cars which we can't really see what we can see. wonderful i wish i could spend valentine's day want to watching other pple got also has a lot of pressin owing up in a fami that struged economicly powerfully influenced my values. bernie sders d guarantee health care for al. now, our country is at a turng point. hard working people, beayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bern sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has.
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...a natiol referendum... ...and ending corporate money i. as president, i'll declare climatchange an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. d, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take odonald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tosteyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more poweul an the unified voice of the american people. >>6.29 rht now and let's check out west. that just kicked. think it's a good
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idea what james for remake there's nothing elsenot be a surprise though towhisk my wife i'd be there's got to be likereally or a flash like if you're gointo prose he can you know get on there no coming james all let you know how it and that's coun area quiet incident. whyo no major issues with the bridges are packed this is getting busier and busier so check the drive ok typical wther you know if you're going bring heir to the sfo don't do it on a foggy lookin outside at the
6:31 am
fog that we do have this morning across safrancisco really much of t rest of the bay area are first foggy morning all week we've been seeing clear skies all throughout the week sibility, definitely taken a hit half moon bay and san francisco falling below a mile now and at times today parts of the noh bay in the east bay are going to be seeing >>some very low visibility as well it's a mix of low lying cloud cover that actually sitting right above the bay and in some spots where that fog level is drping 09:30am righthere. so it's going to stick with us for a while look at this by noon we're definitely seeing some spots of clearing. but you've also still got some great mixed in there too. >>afternoon hours will finally bring thesunshine that of course we do prefer 40's and 50's for your current teeratures hayward you're a 49 right now along with berkeley and san francisco, oakland and alameda each in the low 50's later today will still riseinto the 60's
6:32 am
albeit cooler range of 60's than where we were yesterday robin. >>officily packed at the bay bridge toll plaz the drive into san francisco very congested from the maze for the pay gates up the incline the usual crowd here at13 minutes and growing now for the tripoff to fremont street we're checking in on highway for that drive mes on the rise, but it's not bad becaus it's still under 30 minutes antioch to concord white open livermore to dublin on 5 of the west and getting a little for those of u heading to morgan hill this morning but under 20 minutes on north la one from cochran in morgan hill to 87 in san jose daria thanks a lot robin 6 32 and the big story continues to be number of cases reported in he china suddenly jumped by 14,00yeah and that ofcourse brings the total number of people infected around the wor more an 60,000 we should prbably explain that in china that jump that skyrocket you satonight wabecause there was one paicular town. >>whose ability to effectively
6:33 am
diagnosthe disease one away for some reason technical deeeze they don't know so they're basically anybody presenting symptoms are just ying you know what we're going to teachersthat you've got coronavirus. >>because don't want to spread so that's why ey've loweredthe standard in that one town to declare somebody infectedith the virus. but again it's spreading worldwide and we're talking about 44 new cases of brought on board the diamond princess crue ship as well which is still docked under quarantine in jan. those poor folks have been trapped there for days now and that's where we find 2 granite baresidents of action in quarantine on the amond princess cruise ship. after some passengers tested positive for coronarus we have eric rucker with a closer look at that couple story. >>fear that's why when they allow us out of the cab and to go out onhe deck with other cabins. we don't go we just go our balcony d that's it for mo than a week now granite bay residents otis in carol have been trapped on a
6:34 am
cruise ship just outsideof tokyo. >>the 2 have been quarantined with thousands of others after some passengers on thr diamond princess ship tested positive for the coronavirus the couple says they now spend the majity of their days holed up inside their room watching multiple moies. a day to keep the boredom at bay whle their ship sits docked outside of japan's capil city cake are showers while the goes appear to beping their sanity over th situation an asco says that's t the case for everyonen board there they're arguing with them are roteing or whatever so much to send his wife can do for themselv is just wait about another week. continuously giving themselves checkups to make sure they have be contracted thvirus as well a theometer. 2 or 3
6:35 am
times a day. well that wa erick rucker reporting passengers aboard the diamond princess will be notified today. >>if they can disembark earlier than planned. >>the entire bay area health clinics are scrambling for supplies to protect health care workersright now and 95 masks are in a global shortage, some patients are asng clinics in santclara county for surgical masks and even those are in short supply. >>really wave and i heard are surgical masks are rning out to i think in the normal season we've area so you can mess so still mourn our for employees to treat this as a you as few season and the front office needs to have a mask or on times mac cheese to have we have never experienced that before this the first time this happening you know everything's back ordered and we're still looking for me supplies here. >>and again this is a rgical
6:36 am
mask, not the n 95 rise. the foothill communi health center does have enough supplies. they sa to last anher few weeks. >>well this morning, dozens of people ithe east bay will no longer be homess. that's because they're going to be hayward covers will tran is livein alameda county with the story i will. >>there's the church right behind me good morning daria there will be an unveiling in about 2 and a half hours from now the program is called tiny homes. it's basically a room a little bit smaller than a unit, a little bit bigger than a room and it is ready to roll not just he in hayward castro valley, let megive you some examples of tiny home programs that went up throughout e y area ov the past several years it gets the homelessoff the streets they partlat least 6 of em will beoff the streets they will get in there. >>all of the work the labor that's been donated by people from e community they worked
6:37 am
it. will get th off the streets at $200 a month and the money wilgo up every 3 the great partames and any additional funds above say the cost ofrunning the program electricity will be stored into a little fund 're at the end of 18 months. then that money willbe returned to them a pelly they'll have a deposit a nice job available to them that they'll be able to go into long-term hosing rotate other people into the tiny homes program. we will be here we'll talk so of the recipients and of coursewe'll talk to the people behind this a wondeul program and they know the urgency of the homeless situation not just in san francis which is well decorated, but all over in the bay area. i cannot wt to go inside and show you the ti home program herewe do know it's going to be located in the parking lot of a church and they will get their t's in about 2 and a half hours from
6:38 am
now james darya ok thank you very a very exciting 6.37 and this story in the south bay drinking water for residents in wiow glen may have been contaminated and they're dealing th what appears to be highlevels of a sulfuric ac that's used in products like carpets clothing cookware responsible has taken measures to fix the problem but still neighbors are concerned kron four's miclle kingstohas more. >>some residents tell me what makes the most upset about this letter isot just learning about this bstance, but just how long it took them to be notified of the issue getting a and it being 8 months fromthe time that they discovered the problem is alarming thiis just one of about 11,000 n jose water cutomers who receed a notice from the water company warning of potential per flr locked in so far nic acid concentrations above the state notification level in their drinking water, the substance also known as p f o s is
6:39 am
describe a san jose waters and manmade substance that has been synthesized for water and resistance and used in products like carpets clothing and cookware they say exposure to thsubstance in tap water over certain levls may result in adverse health effects including thyroid and reproctive toxicity and pancreatic and liver cancer, not really knowing. >>much about at e substance can do to ourlves our chilen, our dogs. >>that's alarming the letter receiv by some neighbors. this past weekend explains the water company begin monitoring their wells in 2019 and discovered pfa wessing cause n-tray shuns above the notification level in 6 of it wells and immediately discontinued use of th welts the letter go on to say that their ctomers are no longer eceiving water th concentrations of is notification level anthat their water meetall standards set by federal and state regulatory agencies but that they sent the tter in the interest of transparency to
6:40 am
mmunicate outo our customers what we're doing to keep their water safe. it makes me feel like i don't >>how how can we trust that the well has been fixed and how ca we trustare safe the origin the contaminant is unknown, according to san jose water. but they say they're working to termine how it was introduced into the ground water supply in san jose michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>in the east bay richmond police are looking for this man forn ard robbery, they say that followed a victim along san pablo avenue monday night and thepointed the gun at the victim and demanded money and property. the other person handed everything over and then this guy got away police believe that he's one of. >>these 2 men responsible for thiarmed robbery too. in oakland men we told you this happed on monday in the amond district guys out there cleaning out washin his car these 2 guys jumped out. they had a gun they put him on the ground strip them of erything is jewelry his cell
6:41 am
phone as well and then they took off. in the south ba police are looking for a driver of a hit and un that killed a story injured a 13 year-olchi this crash happened monday morning at snell and calero avenue and san jose that child a teenager is expected to be okay police are looking for t vehicle it was in early 90's model black toyota pickup and the truck is missing letters on the toyota emblem on the tailgate. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the warriors are restinup now for the all-star break we're going to take a look at head >>as to when they'll return that to the trade center. >>house republicans plant the seed for their own climate change plan today and it starts with trees, i'm just itching or in washington and all that story cong up. temperatures this mornin down your current temperatures, it's nothe biggest change from yesterday though it's the fog that you'rseeing out there, i've got your forect ahead.
6:42 am
>>and the traffic getting heavier by t minute a liv look at the bay bridge toll plaza where yor backup stretches thh the maze so be prep growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
6:43 am
and now we havto deal with this. growing up in la, bad air forced climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrotehe nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom ster. because when big oil tried to stop our cle air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipelin when tom says we can save the world ando it together beeve him. i'm m steyer and i approve this msage.
6:44 am
>>well house republicans unveil elements of their plan to tackle climate change during this year's at th to bepaying close attention em to the issue we've got just eaten or porting now on their proposals. saw alifornia burning yove heard itrom the democratic
6:45 am
debates, ts is ofcourse the national prices fromrotests you have not seen the last of us even from the state of the union dress to plant new trees in america and all around the world talk of clmate change. >>wednesday house republicans introduced bill package to dress it, arkansas congressman bruce westerman put president trump's words into legislation,the trillion trees act it ctually means a trillion trees on the that's the global. >>an initiative to plant a tree in trees about 2050 weman says his bill may sound like a biask. but it comes with a big reward. it uld recapture 2 thirds of the carn really since the instrial revolution there is great power in all these trees working togeth across the would encourage businesses to use sustainable materils like woodwesterman pointed to the natur state where the univerty of arkansas has constructed the 2 largest woodebuildings in the country and where wal-mart plans to build its new corporate headquarters out of wood we can share with the
6:46 am
rest of the sustainable forestry is all about and how is the news that the benefit the environment even though president trump somimes dismisses climate change. this group of house republicans sa their policies can pass his year and get the presidential siature the democrats green new deal can't in washington. i'm just eaten are. >>6.25 right nowhecking out the weather d ensure has been worn these past few days yeah, warm and very dry. so far this february so we started the season, pretty dry nd i got some rain right now we're back tothe dry weather alright. yeah, what does that mean overall what overall is that a normally dry conditions exist for the bay area while we are looking at some modera drought. having officially return to parts of the central valley and the southern and central sierra. these areas right here are rlly starting to fall behind as far as we're not nly we are as far as rain es, but also winter snowpack desperately need tstart
6:47 am
seeing some more snow up in the sierra in ord to get that snow pack for summer elps to keep a the stay hydrated and we're just not seeing it in fact these warm temperatures have resulted in a lot of snow melt no sere extreme or exceptional drought reported in the state yet but this is a change fromwhere we have been ich was actually a pretty healthy situation to start the season. now we're not looking at quite asgood the winter season, hopefully march kicks into gear because the rest of bruary is continuing to bring us this dry weather we are gog see clear and dry skies into the afternoon todayafter a foggy and restar our high pressure ridge his exit to the door for some marine cooled he air that cool ocean air to be pushed over the bay one of the reasons we're ack to a foggy start you can see winds are ght but they're pushing in from the west and that's bringing in the low clouds and fog that we have this morning. teeratures today will definitely feel that cool ocean air in the upper 50's to
6:48 am
low 60's that is a lot closer toour seasonal averages than we have been but we're still dry and we're stl looking at some warm inland mperatures with mid 60's for the south bay as well as some of our inland east bay areas, san jose and milpitas campbell each at 66 for your daytime highs. well low to mid 60's out in the east bay hayward in union city chad 63 while oakland berkeley and richmond 62 for today daytime highs, north bay temperatures in the mid 60's possiy our biggest change from the earlier on in the like monday when we hit those upper 70's to low 80's. now we're in the mid 60. so that's a lidrop in temperatures as we round out the end of the week tomorrow very similar totoday we're going to have some g for your friday morning to start valentine's day and someclear skies to finish turday. our warmest y of the weeken with highs near if not to degrees. then come sundayand our on chance of rain in the forecast and that's just a slight chance of a few showers up in the north bay aside from
6:49 am
thathis is a dry forecast leading well into next week. robin thank you john checking out the richmond sandra fell bridge where the ck of just it continues to grow its be on return parkway. >>it's almost too harbor maybe about halfway or so between those 2 points so still quite busy and it's only going to get as you wait a little bit longeso just get on ou there now have an early start at12 minutes off to one oh one the bay bridge trafc 80 west this line is growing as well it's already spilling the incline toward the tunnel t still quiet quiet all around the bay area's and no major issues and major incidents or doing okayi'll take 14 minutes to make it off to fremont street. a look at some morive times here and you'll see that they're pretty moderate so 6 ad dublin to fremont that's roughly 22 minutes than them and sotimes that can ke almost an hour to get from to 38 to 37 right now it only 35 minutes and 17 on the santa cruz mounins doing just fine under 30 minutes to make it to
6:50 am
los gatos james all ght, thank u very much robt. >>new subpoenas have be issued as part of a publi court public corruption instigation in san francisco and this comeafter deral criminal charges were filed against former public works director mohammed nuru who you see there on the left and restaurant owner nick bogus. on the right, a companies and nonprofits are believed to be involved iunneling nations to pay for city programs and events including the public works departmen holiday parties. >>it's not a surprise that e and now we're strting to see new names and this you know you read the original complaint and it's clear that this reflected a culture of that now is starting to come to light. >>for more details on the subpoenas we've got more information for you on our website kron 4 dot com. >>the warriors have a weekend arrest they play their final game abbey for the all-star break last nigh they ended p losing in phoenix to the suns.
6:51 am
>>andrew wiggins the new guy i'll still call him has scored 27 points but wasn't enough the sun's when one 12 to one oh 6. >>all-star weekend kicks off are back in actioat home es against the rockets next thursday. and spring traini is underway, let's take you to scottsdale arizona pitchers and catchers for he a' stretching a little there it's the first camp under new manager gabe kepler and the giants are hoping to get back to the playofs for the first time since 2016 and that stretch of consecutive losing season the full sqd joins them on monday. >>well pitcherand catchers for the a's are praicing over in mesa arizona expectations are pretty high for the team i mean they'r coming off back-to-back 97 win seasons with appearances in the playoffs. the team has a talented ung roster, folks pitching rotations pretty stacked. here's whmanager bob melvin had to say about this year's squad. >>you talk a lot out was our in you know when i come back so forth frankie montas is going to be a g piece for us
6:52 am
last year you saw what he di in the 1st half he was forgoing domini was dominant anywhere made the all-star team. so we're looking forwar to seeing what he can do for us for a full year in a in the experience in the conference of the game from last year as a young talented group for sure we're all excited about it. >>the rest of the a's team wi arrive in arizona on monday. here's a quick check of the big board as we take a look at how wall street shaping up this morning. not the best down a 0 points now for the dow at 29,004 4, 6, on this thursday february 13th we'll keep a track of t number see where ey go over the course of the broadcast the next hour, a new warning for dog owners this morning cases of a potentially deadly virus a on the rise across california. we'll tell you at you ed toknow toeep our four-l
6:53 am
as soon as i started talki about puttinterm limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is rking fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. thonly way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this msage.
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done yet? yeah, yeah, soy, sorry. you sure? ♪come on, come on, wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen tes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>coming up on 07:00am now and looking outside at sfo because on foggy to cloudy days like we're seeing this morning you can sometimes anticipated delay as ofright now visibility looks good at the surface, but there's definitely some cloud coverup above no delays out of y of our airports just yet keep an eyon those for you this morning, though temperatures right now are in the 40's and 50's aside from a fe30's on the map like in novato at 37 oakland your to cool but comfortable 52 right now with hayward at 49 degrees winds primarily shing in from the coast and th's onof the reasons you are seeing the
6:56 am
return of fog and cloud ver this morning. something that we won't see quite as much later on today. >>robin we're not see any major delays transitioning from the north bay to san francisco. my way of the golden gate you're doing fine here on one oh one, the drive time has increased a little bibut we're only at 23 minutes nevado to the toll plaza the bay bridge traffic quite hevy it's backed up through the maze now busy up but no major problems to worry so far intosan francisco james. >>thank you very much rob and coming up next hour, a major swat operatioin the south bay ends with the arst of a th coming up in a minute. on plus tomorrow is the last day for people travel to china from sfo will tell you how the corovirus it is impactg the entire bay area an after a driver rammed into a muni s and t pedestrians, wee going to hearfrom
6:57 am
obama: he's been a lear throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked tether in theight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. old ideological battles he shows wus what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions.
6:58 am
bloomberg: i'm mike bloombergan.
6:59 am
>>thanks for joining us on this thursday i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher 07:am we're midway through the rning midway through the morning commute, let's see if there's anything getting in your robin just a bunch of other there e lots of heavy traffic. >>but it's been very quie so far thursday, it's been good to us with no because spots just lot of slow traffic all right in a big hot spots today in the really i guess this
7:00 am
morning you could cal the fog may be a little hot spot potential because it's blocking out visibility for a few areas. but still weather is cooperating for mostof us you can see across e bay, it's just low lying cloud cover over san francisco right o now it's mostly our coastal areas. >>and then some of the north bay that is cuently looking at some of the worst of his ability half moon bay in coastal san cisco, which just change the second ago looking at that visibility being affected now later on this morning you wi see visibility falling in santa rosa oakland d haywaras that foggy layer lls a little closer to the base. so dot think that you're necessarily ithe clear later in the morning is actually going to bring the foggiest of impacts of the morng temperatures right now e in the 40's an50's a cool and gray start to what wi be a nice day later on therest of your forecast is still ahead robin. >>we're checking in on 80 the line is growing it's pretty packed into san francisco right now the backup here. but you see the pay gates goes all


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